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  • Arts & Music - Architecture

    [!sommaire] You can see many different styles of architecture in France!
    For example:
    Colmar, ville médiévale d’Alsace dans l’est de la France - © Ph. Passariello office du tourisme de Colmar _ Village de Peyre - (...)

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  • Arts & Music - Literature

    [!sommaire] Literature
    Reading is a very popular pastime in France
    French children also like reading cartoon strips. Astérix & Obelix is one of their favourites asterix
    Do you know any French writers? Here are (...)

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  • Arts & Music - Painting

    * There are lots of great art galleries in France such as the Musée d’Orsay, Musée Picasso and - you’ve probably heard of this one - the Louvre.
    Le Louvre (Paris) © MAE - C. Stefan (...)

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  • Arts & Music - Music

    So you want to learn some songs in French? You probably already know this one! Do you also know the English version? Try to sing along with it!
    Frère Jacques _ Frère Jacques, _ Frère Jacques, _ Dormez-vous? _ (...)

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  • Arts & Music - Dance

    * Ballet is a French speciality.
    A ballet is a dance that tells a story, often as part of an opera. France’s Opéra de Paris company is known all over the world. Many other cities such as Roubaix, (...)

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