18th and 19th June - Liquid Stone Workshop and Conference "What did the Romans do for us" (Great Exhibition Road Festival) [fr]

As part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival, come discover the world of Liquid Stone by casting your own ‘moss ball’ and listening to the conference "What did the Roman do for us ?". Take part in a participatory experiment about antique construction recipes and cutting edge science on bio receptive concrete.


Led by architects Clément Périssé, Alice Grégoire and Federico Martelli (Cookies), Liquid Stone is a project exploring the fascinating world of antique concrete and its strange recipes, as well as the potentials of bio-receptive concrete, a cutting edge concrete that allows life to grow directly onto it.

You will be able to create your own concrete recipe with a wide range of ingredients, and cast it in a special formwork. The result will be a unique ‘moss ball’ polyhedra, which you can take home and watch being colonized by living organisms. You could take part in the lecture "Liquid Stone: What did the Romans do for us" to explore and learn how ancient concrete was invented and how it has evolved since Roman times.

Your effort will contribute to a database of empirical bio-receptive concrete, and provide feedback about how successful the growth on your prototype is.

At the crossroads of empirical and participatory science, Liquid Stone and its Moss Ball prototype are an invitation to discuss the future of sustainable construction material, an open experiment and a cheerful invitation to reinvent our relationship to concrete.

Workshop date: Sat 18 June | Free
Lecture date : Sun 19 June | Free

Book a free workshop ticket- to one of the three slots (2-3pm/3.30-4.30pm/5-6pm)
Book a free ticket for the lecture "What did Romans do for us?"

This workshop is part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival-, with the support of the Académie de France à Rome, the Villa Médicis, and is organised in collaboration with the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni.

This event launches a series of initiatives from the French Embassy Higher Education, Research and Innovation (HERI) department, at the crossroads of arts and sciences.

Download the workshop booklet :

PDF - 171 kb
(PDF - 171 kb)


Published on 15/06/2022

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