19 novembre 2015 - Merci de votre soutien

JPEGMerci à tous pour votre soutien après les attentats de Paris.

Members of staff at the consulate general of France and the Institut français d’Ecosse have been overwhelmed by the sympathy expressed by the public and the authorities in Scotland following the deadly terrorist attacks that took place in Paris and Saint-Denis on the night of November 13th. Nearly a thousand messages of condolences where received in the book opened at the consulate between the 14th and 18th of November, by post or on the consulate’s website, accompanied by hundreds of beautiful floral tributes. Many more took part in gatherings throughout the country. As we find ourselves unable to answer personally all these marks of sorrow and solidarity, I would like to record here our profound gratitude to all, in the name of the government and people of France, the French community in Scotland and my staff.

These events show how determined terrorists are to maintain their control over large territories around Europe, from Central Africa to the Middle East and Asia, with horrible impacts on the local populations, in order to support criminal activities that directly threaten us on this continent and the rest of the world. They also demonstrate clearly that all States and governments which commit themselves to maintaining international peace and security, as set out by the United Nations Charter, should remain united and resilient to defeat these terrorist organizations and their global ambitions. Solidarity, resilience, social cohesion, the upholding of human rights and the consolidation of societies based on love and respect for all rather than on hatred and exclusion are instrumental in ensuring the victory over those who are so brutally challenging us at present.

publié le 07/01/2017

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