2018 Physics Nobel Prize

On 02 October 2018, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics to the French Gérard Mourou and Canadian Donna Strickland for "their method of generating high intensity, ultra-short optical pulses"; the other part of the prize was awarded to the American Arthur Ashkin for the discovery of "optical tweezers and their application to biological systems".


M. Gérard Mourou, Nobel Prize in Physics
© Mrs Catherine Sarrazin

"I am very pleased to see the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for the invention of the optical tweezers and for the invention of the frequency drift amplification method that allowed the production of intense and ultra-short laser pulses; it’s a real recognition of an entire part of physics. These inventions have already established fundamental foundations for future applications for the benefit of our society. These principles are already implemented in eye surgery, optics and ultrafast detectors as well as micro-machining."
Dr. Amelle ZAIR, Lecturer in Advanced Photonics, Leader of ultrafast optics and attosecond physics laboratories, King’s College, London

Published on 03/10/2018

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