25 key measures in French preventive healthcare policy

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and Health Minister Agnès Buzyn introduce the 25 key measures in French preventive healthcare policy

26th March 2018

‘Preventive care should be central to all initiatives which aim to improve the health of our fellow citizens’

The promotion of health and preventive care constitute the first priority of the government’s National Health Strategy for 2018 — 2022; indeed our country is lagging behind in this regard. The preventable mortality rate is very high here. People are dying too young far too frequently in France; a specific preventive care policy would allow us to save almost 100,000 lives per year.

This is the reason why, for the first time in France, the whole of government is making a firm commitment to ensure that preventive care is not just a concept but a reality — a reality for each one of our fellow citizens, irrespective of age or circumstances, and a reality for all the stakeholders, health professionals or not, who are working to promote health in all its various aspects. Its sole preoccupation will be with efficiency and concrete results.

Édouard PHILIPPE, Prime Minister

‘The priorities of the preventive care policy illustrate my desire to transform our health system in the light of the specific needs of the French people in all their great diversity. Its innovative approach should make the 1st priority of the National Health Strategy fully operational’

Life expectancy in our country is one of the highest in the world. However, the rate of premature mortality still remains too high, and the disparities in mortality and disease are still too great – between men and women, between regions and between social groups; deteriorations in living conditions in terms of accommodation, employment or education lead to an increased risk of mortality and disease.

These disparities are unacceptable. To combat them, the French people require our early and lifelong intervention into the risk factors and the determining socio-environmental factors.

First and foremost, promoting health means promoting dialogue and the coordination of government policies. Forward thinking is crucial for the fostering of the individual skills and the physical, social and economic environments that are conducive to good health.
Building on the guidelines defined by the strategy for the period 2018 – 2022, we will be implementing concrete measures that will improve the health of the French people whilst at the same time strengthening the performance of our health system.

This dual principle in the strategy will find its expression not only in the priorities of the preventive care policy, but also in various national and regional health initiatives and in schemes piloted by other government departments. I would like to offer them my sincere thanks for their firm commitment to promoting health – a commitment with an innovative approach to its implementation which cuts across all the government policies that support it.

Agnès BUZYN, Minister for Solidarity and Health

Read the full document of the 25 key measures here.

Published on 11/04/2018

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