4th meeting of the French Government Fellows of Churchill College, University of Cambridge [fr]

The 4th meeting of the French Government Fellows of Churchill College (Cambridge)was held on July 19, 2019. By bringing together 28 participants this year, it once again confirmed the dynamism of this Programme supported by the Embassy of France for the hosting of advanced researchers.

JPEGThe Master of Churchill College, Dame Athene Donald, joined the participants during a break. Photo credit: Paula Laycock

By bringing together in Cambridge, thirteen Fellows — alumni (10) and current (3) — and members of the University, this fourth meeting of the Churchill College’s French Government Fellows testifies of the vitality of this Programme launched more than forty years ago, by the French Embassy and Churchill College to host experienced researchers.

This year the co-leaders of the group — Yannick Champion and Frédéric Thibault-Starzyk could rely on the help of the three Fellows currently staying at the College (Thomas Bénatouil, Myriam Boussahba-Bravard and Patrick Peter) for the preparation of the programme of this meeting .

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Meeting agenda
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It has been very dense and varied by combining a panel on the history, evolution and perspectives of the Programme, as well as a series of scientific presentations by present and former Fellows. Note in this regard the presentation of Prof. Archie Howie, who had hosted the first researcher in this Programme: Christian Colliex. These presentations prompted a number of lively and instructive exchanges.

Initiated in the mid-1970s, this programme is quite emblematic of the Franco-British scientific cooperation. To date, it welcomed 57 laureates covering a very large spectrum of disciplines, among which: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Astronomy, Engineering, Social Sciences, Philosophy, etc.

Three new laureates will join the College in 2019-20: one woman (Mathematics) and two men (Chemistry/Mathematics and Biology/Chemistry). This will only partially help to rectify the high disproportion between men and women: among the total of 60 laureates, only 9 are women. Female candidates are therefore strongly encouraged to apply, to gradually rectify this imbalance. Note that of the 13 Fellows present at this meeting 5 are women — more than half of the female laureates!

Churchill College’s emphasis on this Programme is also reflected by its promotion on its website via a dedicated Web page. Written by Ken Siddle, who has been responsible for this Programme as Vice Master, this page presents the genesis and evolution of the Programme; it also includes the list of all French Government Fellows. Andrew Webber will take over this year as Vice Master and will therefore be the key contact for the continuation of the Programme.

It is also worth pointing out the (ongoing) creation of the group “French Government Fellows” within the Alumni Association of Churchill College. It is also worth highlighting the support provided to this meeting by the efficient and kind support provided by Anny King (Director of Studies - Linguistics, Churchill College).

JPEGAndrew Webber (Vice Master, Churchill College), Jean Arlat (Scientific Counsellor, French Embassy), Ken Siddle (former Vice Master, Churchill College), Anne King (Director of Studies – Linguistics, Churchill College)

The next meeting has been scheduled to take place on Friday 10 July 2020. The goal is to renew the same format of a day mainly devoted to informal scientific exchanges, while aiming at extending further the participation of other categories of Fellows of the College.

To know more (call in French): Offre de séjour pour chercheurs confirmés au Churchill College (Université de Cambridge

Published on 13/09/2019

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