5th European Energy Forum : ’R&D and innovation: drivers of the energy transition’


The ’Conseil Français de l’Énergie’ organises with the World Energy Council on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 May in Paris the fifth European Energy Forum on the theme "R&D and innovation: drivers of the energy transition".

Having reminded the decisive contribution of the R&D and the innovation (RDI) to the economic growth and thus to the employment in Europe, a focus will be done on how RDI choices are made, especially in companies, and on consequences on the business organisation: the question of the link between R&D and innovation will be particularly raised. Focusing on the conditions of the deployment and the dissemination of innovations, the key role of the demonstration and of the learnings to favour the emergence of new technologies, particularly those serving the energy transition, will be examined.
The issue of the RDI evaluation will also be dealt with. In conclusion, will be addressed the research and innovation supporting policies and in particular their connection with corporate strategies and industrial policies. The forum will be completed by several focus on different technologies in order to provide a state of the art as potential development, possible breakthroughs, bottlenecks and cost...

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Published on 14/04/2016

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