A successful WNE event in London [fr]

French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann and Gérard Kottmann, president of AIFEN (Association des Industriels Français Exportateurs du Nucléaire), hosted a preview of the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), of which Mr Kottmann is also president, at the French Residence on 1 February 2016

The WNE, next due to be held at the Paris-Le Bourget exhibition centre in June, is advertised as the world’s benchmark forum for the nuclear industry.
The event brought together some 100 British manufacturers from the nuclear sector, including EDF Energy, Areva UK, Rolls-Royce, NuGen, Amec Foster Wheeler and Atkins.

Vincent de Rivaz, CEO of EDF Energy, recalled the importance of the Hinkley Point C project (HPC), EDF Energy’s commitment to the United Kingdom and the WNE’s relevance to the entire nuclear community.

Gérard Kottmann was in no doubt that the presence of British manufacturers in the WNE was essential "because of HPC, but also because of the other projects (HORIZON, NuGen), of the decommissioning programme, of the educational initiatives and of the rebirth of its nuclear industry."

Ambassador Bermann said: "Nuclear energy is one of the pillars of Franco-British cooperation.

“Our cooperation will be at the heart of the exhibition, serving as a great example of a successful collaborative approach on UK nuclear renewal.”

Published on 07/04/2016

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