Amba-series - The New Geopolitics of Higher Education Part 2: Competition vs. cooperation in times of crisis: reimagining European collaborations [fr]

Register here! for the second part of the new Amba-Series on the New Geopolitics of Higher Education and Research, which will be onsite and online on the 16th of May!

The Higher Education, Research and Innovation department partners with the British Council, and the UCL European Institute to organise a joint Amba-series on the new geopolitics of Higher Education and Research which will be twofold: one dedicated to the Sino-American relationships and another one on the new map of European collaboration.
This second policy dialogue of this series is dedicated to the future of European academic collaboration, organised in the context of the French Presidency of the European Union.

Sciences has no borders. The remarkable mobilization of the scientific community throughout the Covid crisis, and now in response to the Russia-Ukraine war, demonstrates the critical importance of international collaboration, not only for scientific excellence but for generating solutions to complex, cross-border problems.

However, an increasingly tense geopolitical context poses challenges for internationalization in higher education and research, both in Europe and across the world. The dynamics underpinning European collaborations have shifted, creating new parameters and expectations for international partnerships between universities.


The second of a series of policy dialogues on the new geopolitics of Higher Education and Research will focus on the evolution of academic competition and collaboration in Europe against the backdrop of the return of war to Europe and an arguably more politicised approach to research cooperation. The discussion will cover the implications of this new context for European universities, as well as how we can preserve and maintain academic collaborations in times of uncertainty.

Welcoming remarks :

- Lucy Shackleton, Head of Public policy and Partnerships at the European Institute, University College London

- Dr Catherine Saracco, Head of Education, British Council France

- Dr Minh-Hà Pham, Counsellor for Science and technology, French Embassy in the UK

Keynote speech :

- Professor Alain Beretz, former President of the University of Strasbourg. In charge of the mission on European universities by the Prime Minister in 2018-2020. President of COST, European cooperation programme in science and technology

- Dr Uta Staiger, Director of the European Institute of UCL

Round table :

- Dr Christine Musselin, CNRS research director, lecturer at Sciences Po, Centre de Sociologie des Organisations

- Dr Vincent Carpentier, reader in History of education at the Institute of Education, UCL. Responsible for the research group « a historical lens on higher education staffing: UK and France », in the Centre for Global Higher Education.

Chair :

- Lucy Shackleton, Head of Public policy and Partnerships at the European Institute, University College London

Please note this dialogue will be hybrid. Please register for an online, or an in-person, ticket.

Published on 09/05/2022

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