Ambassador consults French businesses in UK

As part of the business investment and growth plan presented by the Prime Minister, Ambassador Jouyet has launched a consultation with French businesses in the United Kingdom

On 26 October, Ambassador Jean-Pierre Jouyet launched a consultation with companies based in the UK, particularly those belonging to the Foreign Trade Advisers’ Committee, the French Chamber of Commerce, La FrenchTech London and French Connect London. The aim was to get them to contribute to work being done in France, on the government’s initiative, on business growth.

They will explore ideas together and make proposals for improving the lives of businesses (growth, finance, governance, transfer), facilitating relations with government (simpler procedures and export assistance) and adapting better to the knowledge economy (digital technology and training). Their contributions will be submitted in mid-December.

The consultation is part of the business investment and growth plan presented by the Prime Minister on 11 September, and in particular the action plan for business growth and transformation presented by the Minister of the Economy and Finance on Monday 23 October.

The French government has observed that the number of companies being created in France is very high but their growth remains weak, and it would like to transform the environment in which companies operate. The aim is to help them grow, create wealth and export.

To complete this reform successfully, the government wanted firstly to give a voice to stakeholders on the ground. Consultations will be held throughout France with business leaders, regions, professional associations and trade unions. They will focus on six themes (creation, growth, transfer and rebound; sharing value and companies’ societal commitment; finance; digitization and innovation; simpler procedures; and conquering international markets).

Each of these themes will be spearheaded by a partnership consisting of one business leader and one member of Parliament. These partnerships will submit their proposals to ministers by 10 December 2017. A wide-ranging online public consultation will then begin on 15 January, lasting three weeks. It should lead to – among other things but not exclusively – a bill at the end of the first half of 2018.

Published on 31/10/2017

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