An international archaeological team discovers the oldest known human artefacts


The team co-led by French archaeologist Dr. Sonia Harmand, from Stony Brook University (New York) and CNRS, discovered 3.3 million years-old human artefacts, pushing back the first known tools made by Homo.

Dr. Sonia Harmand and Dr. Jason Lewis, directors of the West Turkana Archaeological Project team, made this amazing discovery on July 2011 at a site named Lomekwi 3 on the western shore of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, when taking a wrong way to their initial goal.

These artefacts are pushing back the oldest known records by 700,000 years, which implies that the Homo genus is much older than previously believed.

To know more about this discovery, please read the Nature news: Oldest stone tools raise questions about their creators.

Update: Please click here to read the CNRS press release.

Published on 28/05/2015

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