Seed meeting: "Personalised Molecular Imaging"

On 20th and 21st April 2017, researchers, key-opinion leaders and industry representatives gathered at the French Embassy in London to identify project opportunities in ‘Personalised Molecular Imaging’.


The meeting, led by Prof Antony Gee (King’s College London), Prof Sarra Gaspard (University of Antilles, Guadeloupe, France) and Dr Ludovic Le Meunier (PMB-ALCEN, France) brought together researchers from three European Countries (France, UK, Sweden, see the attached list of participants and meeting program) to discuss the future needs, bottlenecks and opportunities for molecular imaging.

The meeting started with round table introductions followed by presentations from the represented institutions highlighting their strengths, unmet needs and future opportunities/aspirations. Institutional presentations were given from CEA Orsay, PMB-ALCEN, Université des Antilles/Guadeloupe, King’s College London and Uppsala University.

Mutual themes, challenges and complementarities were recorded as potential topics for further detailed discussion.

The second day started with detailed brainstorming around the 6 key themes identified from day 1:
-  Multi Tracer Molecular Imaging studies
-  Multi-disciplinary Training
-  Experimental Medicine and Clinical Healthcare
-  Basic Science / Other Applications
-  R&D Infrastructure
-  Engagement/Communication

Concluding discussions centred around potential sources of consortium funding for the seed proposal and further discussions planned between partners, with the purpose of scoping a funding proposal (e.g. Horizon 2020 – research and innovation funding call).

All the participants wish to thank the Scientific Service of the French Embassy in London for supporting our seed meeting.

Published on 15/06/2017

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