Answers about administrative procedure

Why can’t I receive my ID card or passport by mail?

For security reasons, to avoid fraud or theft, you must collect passports and ID card in person.

Why do I need to return my ID card or passport to get the new ones?

These documents belong to the French State, you need to return them even if they are still valid, to collect your new ones.

Why do I need to bring the originals of my documents?

This is mandatory to prevent fraud and identity theft.

When do I need to bring a UK proof of address?

You only need a UK proof of address if you request an ID card as we have to make sure that you live in the UK and that you are under the French consulate authority, it is also to prevent fraud.

Why do I need to provide ID photos to specific norms?

For technical reasons, the size of the ID photo has to be very specific, and it makes it easier to identify the applicant. For younger children, we strongly recommend that you come with your own ID photo as it always very difficult to take it on the premises.

Published on 15/11/2012

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