BioEnTech: the optimisation of methanisation processes


BioEnTech was founded in 2013. Working in collaboration with INRA’s Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology and INRIA’s BioCore team, it is specialising in the monitoring, supervision and modelling of methanisation processes.

BioEnTech has developped a software solution called MeMo-pro designed to manage data from different methanisation units, and thus can provide real-time diagnosis and propose solutions to optimize the processes. The company offers also expert support in this area.

According to Hélène Genty from INRA-Transfert, "BioEnTech is a good example of successful technology transfer from a laboratory to a start-up [...]. BioEnTech is thus exploiting several technologies resulting from work by academic research in order to develop its product Memo-pro: a software for the diagnosis of installations, data management and sensor systems...".

For further information, please visit INRA website.

Published on 24/04/2015

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