Blood test

A blood test is not required for ferrets. For advice on when the blood test should be carried out, the vet should refer to the manufacturer’s data sheet supplied with the rabies vaccine.

A blood test is necessary to make sure that the vaccine has given sufficient protection against rabies.

The results of the test are valid for the duration of the pet’s life provided all boosters are given on time.

If your pet passes its blood test, it will be able to re-enter the UK once six months have elapsed following the date the blood sample was taken, provided all requirements are met.

If your pet fails its blood test it will be re-vaccinated and blood tested again.

If the booster is not given on time, the whole procedure (vaccination and blood test) has to be done again and the 6-month rule will apply from the date the blood sample was taken that gave a satisfactory test result.

Blood tests must be done by an EU recognised laboratory. Please contact the Defra PETS Helpline on 0870 241 1710 for further information.

Published on 19/07/2005

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