CNRS Researcher Ludwik Leibler receives European Inventor Award in research category

Director of the Laboratory for Soft Matter and Chemistry (CNRS/ESPCI Paris Tech) is awarded for his outstanding work on a glass-like material capable of repairing itself: vitrimers.

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Ludwik Leibler
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This ground-breaking discovery presents amazing properties: capable of being endlessly reshaped and recycled but in the same time hard as a metal, it is also cheap and easy to produce. Industrial applications of such a material are numerous, especially in automotive, aeronautics or construction sectors.

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Vitrimers - samples
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Ludwik Leiber is also conducting innovative research in the biomedical field. A medical glue made up of nanoparticles presenting peculiar properties is currently being developed. It aims at being applied on organic tissue to dramatically accelerate wounds healing.

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Ludwik Leibler working on his innovative water-based nanogel
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Ludwik Leibler, 63, is professor and director of the Laboratory for Soft Matter and Chemistry (CNRS/EPSCI ParisTech) as well as director of research at the CNRS. With a background in physics, he developed pioneering research in the field of polymers, and was awarded in 2013 with the CNRS Medal of Innovation.

For further information, please read the European Patent Office press release and the CNRS press release.

We also invite you to watch this video and that one.

Published on 11/08/2015

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