COVID-19 – Adaptation of consular services from 2 June 2020 onwards

The French Consulate General in London is continuing to adapt its activity and services to the public from 2 June onwards. Our access arrangements and procedures are changing in order to best serve as many people as possible while adhering to social-distancing and public-health rules and giving priority to the most urgent situations.

Arrangements for visiting the Consulate

- All procedures requiring visits to the Consulate are now conducted by appointment only:
- Online for Passports applications and for Passports collections and national identity card collections only;

- Visitors must wear a mask as soon as they enter the building and bring their own pen;

- Appointment times must be scrupulously adhered to;

- Fees must be paid by bank card (Visa or Mastercard);

- Only those whom the procedure concerns are authorized to enter the Consulate. If they are a minor or are disabled, only one person may accompany them: father, mother, guardian or social worker for a minor, family member, friend or social worker for a disabled person;

- Access will be denied to anyone showing symptoms (including a fever or cough);

- N.B. access will be denied to anyone visiting with a bag or baggage of any size.


Precautionary health measures require us to limit the number of people entering the Consulate each day. Consequently, priority will necessarily be given to urgent situations.
You will be asked to justify and provide documentation about this urgency in order to obtain an appointment.

Changes to procedures


Applications for new passports are made by appointment only.

Biometric passports can be issued only if you have a recent photograph meeting the required standards. Otherwise, if the urgent situation is justified, you will be issued with an emergency passport or travel pass, depending on your situation.

During the appointment, it will not be possible to leave the Consulate temporarily to fetch missing documents; applicants will have to ensure they have all the supporting documents required on their person and an ID photo in the correct format. If the photo is not compliant, it will not be possible to register the application and you will need to make another appointment at a later date.

National identity card

The receipt of national identity card applications has been suspended until further notice.

Civil status

Only those applying to register an unborn child may visit the Consulate in person.
British birth certificates may be recorded in French civil-status registers. This procedure is conducted solely by post.


From Monday 13 July onwards, the visa department at the French Consulate in London is fully resuming its visa-issuing work.

Our external service provider, TLSContact, has opened its Visa Application Centre in London. Visa applications must be submitted to TLSContact. For the moment, appointments are available two days a week: Mondays and Thursdays from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. The Manchester and Edinburgh centres are still temporarily closed. For full information, and to submit online visa applications, visit our official website:

To make an appointment, you can also visit the website of our external service provider, TLSContact:

Measures to ensure social distancing and the use of protective equipment have been put in place to protect everyone’s health. Help us protect you, by strictly complying with the following measures: access to TLSContact can be obtained only by prior confirmed appointment. You must turn up at the exact time of the appointment.

Wearing a mask is compulsory, and you must bring your own pen. Payments will be made only by bank card. Temperature checks will be carried out, and anyone presenting symptoms of COVID-19 will be denied access.



Published on 09/07/2020

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