COVID-19: Government tightens health control measures at UK border

COVID-19 – The Government tightens health control measures at the UK border – Press release issued by the Prime Minister’s Office

Paris, 16 December 2021

In response to the extremely rapid spread of the Omicron variant in the UK, the Government has decided to reintroduce compelling reasons for travel to and from the UK and tighten the requirement for tests on departure and arrival.

In the British Government’s own words, the UK is going to face a “tidal wave” linked to the Omicron variant in the next few days. Consequently, as of this Saturday morning at 00.00, the following rules will apply for travel between the UK and France:

• Both non-vaccinated and vaccinated people will be required to have a compelling reason to travel to or from the UK. These reasons are listed in the annex and at the following address: People will not be permitted to travel as tourists or for professional reasons. These compelling reasons will not, however, apply to French nationals, their spouses or their children, who will still be able to travel to France.

• Vaccinated people will have to present on departure a negative PCR or TAG test less than 24 hours old, which is in line with the rules already applicable to non-vaccinated people.

• Before they travel, anyone coming from the UK will be required to register on a digital platform allowing them, among other things, to state the address for their stay in France. This platform will generate prefectoral orders requiring all non-vaccinated and vaccinated travellers to isolate in their chosen place. This requirement to isolate can be lifted after 48 hours, on condition that a negative PCR or TAG test is proven.

Checks will be organized to ensure these measures are properly implemented.

The Government also calls on people who were planning to travel to the UK to postpone their trips./.

Published on 16/12/2021

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