Call for Applications: Smart Loire Valley Programme - Campaign 2016-2017

Created in 1996, inspired by the Loire Valley historical, geographical and human cultures, the objective of LE STUDIUM is to create a dynamic outwards-looking international scientific community in region Centre-Val de Loire connecting its public and private research institutions.


LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, operating in region Centre-Val de Loire of France, has as its members the University of Orléans, University François-Rabelais Tours, INSA Centre Val de Loire, Superior School for Art and Design in Orléans (ESAD), national research institutions including BRGM, CEA, CNRS, INRA, INSERM, IRSTEA and Poles of competitiveness. In total, more than fifty teams from laboratories in member structures work with LE STUDIUM.

LE STUDIUM welcomes in region Centre-Val de Loire senior international researchers, typically for a one year residence.


LE STUDIUM Research Professorship
It is intended to attract an outstanding international researcher for a cumulative 12 month period with residence in region Centre-Val de Loire for three month each year for four consecutive years. This award is open from September 2016.


  • introduction of a new research activity complementary to those of the teams involved in the project,
  • contribute to the organization of an emerging domain of research and teaching,
  • contribute to the organization of an international laboratory,
  • contribute to the organization of a set of conferences, workshops or summer schools with a unifying goal.

LE STUDIUM Research Fellowship (external application)

  • 12 months residency to lead a collaborative research project,
  • integration in the international research community in region Centre-Val de Loire,
  • opportunity to be involved in the scientific animation led by LE STUDIUM to favour transdisciplinary exchanges,
  • create a long lasting link between the international researcher and his/her host laboratory.

LE STUDIUM Research Consortium
It offers the opportunity to create a team of up to five internationally competitive senior researchers, public or private, sharing a common and clearly identified research objective.

Deadline to apply: 8th February 2015.

For further information on this call and to apply, please click here.

Published on 15/12/2015

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