Campus France launches new international campaign

Campus France launches a new international campaign ’Fulfill Your Dream’, giving voice to those who have chosen France for their studies

Following the new national strategy of attractiveness Bienvenue en France/Choose France, Campus France, an agency for the promotion of French higher education, wishes to strengthen the position of France as a privileged destination of higher studies for high school students and international students.

The goal set by the Prime Minister at the Rencontres Universitaires de la Francophonie in November 2018, is to attract 500,000 students from around the world by 2027, against 340,000 students today.

This new campaign is supported by the Ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs and Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It promotes an open, and enterprising France at the center of Europe, which attracts talents from all over the world to its various excellent courses and wants to make it known.

“In an increasingly competitive world of higher education, France wants to maintain its status as a major host country and its aptitude to attract the best students in its institutions, whether they come from Africa, Asia or America”, says Béatrice Khaiat, Managing Director of Campus France.

Campus France challenges students from all over the world, including its alumni, with the following invitation: “What if studying in France allowed you to achieve your dreams?”

Co-constructing as a strategy for Campus France

For the first time, Campus France has chosen to place students, alumni, institutions and more generally all the stakeholders involved in the choice of studies at the heart of its campaign.

Students take interest in an institution because it has been recommended by a relative.

It is precisely this form of recommendation and proximity that has been adopted on a larger scale for the design of this engaging campaign.

Innovative tools

Campus France is relying on a digital platforms to broadcast this campaign simultaneously in the 256 spaces and offices in the embassies of France located in 126 countries.

This will be achieved through various media such as a campaign ads in the shape of an interactive game around the theme of young students’ “dreams”, posters featuring a dozen alumni from French schools that became the faces of this campaign, as well as various tools for animation on social media (testimonials, contests) targeting students around the world.

The launch of this vast campaign revolves around digital actions but also public relations with influencers in different regions.

One of the highlights of the campaign is the launch of a new web platform “Fulfil your dream”, which hosts the interactive campaign on the theme of the dream and all twelve posters highlighting the profiles of six men and six women, all former foreign students who came to study in France.

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Published on 31/10/2019

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