Can Populism Be Democratic?

Tuesday 28 May 2019, 6.30pm
Venue: Institut français du Royaume-Uni, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
Free but booking essential: 020 7871 3515,
As part of The Borders of Identity cycle of events


Populism is a word one hears often in the news: but what does it really mean? It is often used in reference to movements on the right or far-right, but parties and movements on the left have also adopted it. What do Syriza in Greece, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, Bernie Sanders’s brand of “socialism” and others have in common? What role do social media play in emerging forms of political mobilization? And can populism be democratic?
Philippe Marlière (UCL), Aurélien Mondon (University of Bath), Marina Prentoulis (University of East Anglia), and Federico Tarragoni (Université de Paris) discuss the meaning of populism, how the left appropriates it, and whether it holds solutions for the deepening crisis of political representation.

In cooperation with King’s College London.
As part of The Borders of Identity cycle of events.

From left to right: Federico Tarragoni, Marina Prentoulis, Philippe Marlière and Aurélien Mondon (Chair)


About the speakers

Philippe Marlière is a professor of French and European Politics at University College London. He was educated in France and obtained a PhD in Social and Political and Studies at the European University Institute in Florence in 2000. His areas of research and expertise are: European social democracy and Left populism. He is writing a book on the French republican ideology and he is a political commentator for various British and French media (BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, Mediapart, France Inter).

Aurélien Mondon is senior lecturer in politics at Bath University. He currently works on various projects related to liberal and illiberal articulations of racism and right-wing populism, and their impact on liberal democracies, on the links between the far right and the mainstream. Aurelien Mondon has published widely in the mainstream and more specialised media such as CNN, the Guardian, The Independent, Open Democracy, Jacobin, Newsweek, DiscoverSociety, Libération

Marina Prentoulis is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and Media at the University of East Anglia. She has been working on contemporary social movements and European radical ideologies. She has been involved in numerous campaigns and movements and has been the UK spokesperson for Syriza and ’Another Europe is Possible’. Her forthcoming book is on left populism (Left Populism: SYRIZA, Podemos and beyond, 2019).

Federico Tarragoni is Associate professor in sociology, director of CRIPOLIS (Institute for interdisciplinary studies on politics) and former Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences of Université de Paris. He is a specialist of populism, revolutionary processes and popular movements in Latin America and Europe. He has published two books: The Revolutionary Enigma (2015) and Sociology of the Individual (2018). His forthcoming book is on populism (The democratic spirit of populism. A new sociological approach, 2019).


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Can Populism Be Democratic? podcast.


Published on 21/06/2019

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