Consulaire notary services

Closure of the notary office at the French Consulate general in London on 31st December 2004.

In accordance with a decree soon to be published in the French « Journal Officiel ».

Diplomatic and consular agents in the European Union, the European economic zone, Andorra, Monaco and the Holy See, will no longer offer notary assistance.
In future, members of the public will have to seek the assistance of a « notaire » in France or of a local law officer who can advise them and produce paperwork in the correct format.
In the UK this means basically solicitors or notaries public, the latter being competent only in legalisation matters.
Please note, however, that the Consulate general in London will retain its legalisations department for documents other than BREVET and MINUTE, but will deal exclusively with French and British citizens.

Published on 15/11/2012

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