Creative France: "France is changing, and its image needs to change too"

During a visit to Japan, the Prime Minister launched Creative France, an international communication campaign, at the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo. Intended to promote France’s economic dynamism and creativity, the campaign will target ten priority countries over a period of 18 months. The aim, Manuel Valls said, is to send a strong signal to the international community: "Frenchbashing is over, now is the time for pride"

Daring, creativity, invention, innovation: these are the four keywords of the Creative France international campaign, which Manuel Valls officially launched alongside Emmanuel Macron in Tokyo on 5 October. "Creative France means France taking action, France filled with confidence!", the Prime Minister said. "It is an optimistic campaign to promote France and its spirit of enterprise, to showcase its talent, companies, start-ups, engineers and inventors."

More than just a communication campaign, Creative France is a true "country label". It is a chance for France to challenge preconceptions, to enhance its economic image through deeds and results, and to demonstrate that our country is resolutely modern, creative, open to the outside world and, unmistakably, a top destination for anybody who wants to grow their business in Europe.

"France is reforming, France is moving forwards, and France is rediscovering its appeal to both tourists and businesses. Japan, the leading Asian investor in our country, knows it – more than 600 of your companies are present in France and we want even more of them to benefit from what we can offer at the heart of Europe", Manuel Valls added. Ten priority countries, including Japan, were selected by Business France for their development potential with regard to trade and investment (United States, China including Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore).

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France’s economic image will be promoted over 18 months around the world, through images, facts, figures, success stories, and first-hand accounts on the dedicated digital campaign platform. Internationally renowned French muses like Cédric Vilani, Thierry Marx, Hélène Darroze and Philippe Starck will embody French creativity and expertise as well as the ability to shape a new world, revitalise ecosystems, and create jobs in France. Innovative projects such as Ecole 42, e-fan and Rosa de Medtech will also be showcased.


Published on 12/01/2017

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