Defence Council adapts security measures after Manchester attack

Fight against terrorism – Defence and National Security Council – Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, 31 May 2017

The President convened a meeting of the Defence and National Security Council.

The Council looked at evolving terrorist threats, particularly in light of the conclusions of the investigation into the Manchester attack, to adapt vigilance measures for the protection of our country.

Against this background, the Council decided on guidelines for developing the posture of the Vigipirate plan (1) which will be implemented during the summer period, taking into account the prospect of the state of emergency being extended to 1 November.

The Council also looked at evolving international crises./.

(1) Under the Vigipirate plan, the security forces seek to avert threats and take preventive counter-terrorism measures.

Published on 31/05/2017

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