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Role and organisation of the defence equipement attaché

The defence equipment attaché is in charge of research and technology cooperation in his sector, the promotion of programmes in cooperation and of the support of defence industry cooperation between France and the United Kingdom.

The defence equipment attaché represents the Délégué Général pour l’Armement and implements the policy defined by the DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement).

Bilateral Armament Cooperation

Our defence cooperation with the UK has experienced an unprecedented development as a result of the UK-France Summit of November 2nd 2010. This summit marked the beginning of a strengthened defence relationship aiming to last, symbolized by the signature of a defence and security treaty between our two countries. Commissioned by this treaty, the High Level Working Group (HLWG) is co-chaired by the Délégué général pour l’armement and the minister for defence equipment, support and technology. He is in charge of implementing the procurement and industrial cooperation. If necessary, representatives of French and British industries are brought together in order to handle cross-cutting issues. They meet three or four times a year. Several group of discussion, covering all our mutual interests, are subordinated to the HLWG:

- 3-star meeting: this authority is composed of the director for strategy of the DGA, the deputy chief for plans of the EMA and the Capability Sponsor, surrounded by a R&T representative, a policy representative and a representative from DE&S. Its role is to lead the Franco-British cooperation in the procurement field for preparing the future. The fields covered by this authority include capability analysis, industry, R&T, technical expertise and tests;

- Other authorities are responsible for developing bilateral cooperation, each one in their own field: Anglo-French Defence Research Group (AFDRG), Capability Talks, Test Expertise Evaluation and Acceptance Group (TEAG);

- Ad hoc steering committees by projects (UOR, Complex Weapons, MALE, naval mines warfare, A400M, Meteor, 40 CTA…) defined in the corresponding agreements.

There is no Franco-British procurement committee. However, the Treaty has created a high level group, the Senior Level Group (SLG), responsible for supervising the defence and security cooperation according to the arrangements of the Treaty and to prepare the annual UK-France Summits (particularly by suggesting new axes of cooperation).

Moreover, the DGA maintains as necessary regular contacts with the minister for Defence, Equipment, Support and Technology Peter Luff and the Chief of Defence Materiel Bernard Gray.

The UK participates in the main multilateral instances (Letter of Intent at Joint and Armed Services Levels, European Defence Agency, OCCAR, NATO …). The objective of a strengthened cooperation, for both France and the UK, is to improve the financial effectiveness of procurement and maintenance of a defence tool that can preserve our status of major actor on the international scene.

Anglo-French cooperation programmes

- In aeronautics: A400M transport aircraft1;
- In the Land field: 40mm canon (40 CTA), Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS)2
- In the naval field: Naval Mines Warfare (MMCM)
- In the Missile field: Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS)3, Cruise missile SCALP-EG/Storm Shadow, Long range Air-Air Missile METEOR4, renovation of the Scalp missile, Future Air-to-surface Guided Weapons (FASGW/ANL);
- In the UAV field: MALE drone, fighting drone (UCAS).

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Research Technology

The R&T cumulative budgets of France and the UK represent about 65% of the total allocated budget at the European level. The R&T cooperation covers the following fields:

- Radar,
- Electronic Warfare,
- Components and materials,
- Robotic,
- Drone systems (combat, tactic),
- Sonar,
- Space (satellite communications),
- Land, naval and air systems,
- Information and interoperability systems.



Testing Facilities

Reciprocal use of testing facilities (Bassin des carènes, Haslar)

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Published on 20/08/2015

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