Dr Xavier Leroy, recipient of the 2016 Royal Society Milner Award

The prestigious Milner Award was awarded to Dr Xavier Leroy in recognition of his exceptional achievements in computer programming which includes the design and implementation of the OCaml programming language.


He received his award on Thursday November 24th, 2016 from Dame Wendy Hall, Chair of the Milner Committee, Fellow of the Royal Society and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton (GB). On that occasion, Dr Leroy has delivered a comprehensive and enlightening lecture, entitled “In search of software perfection”.

Dr Leroy is a senior research scientist at Inria (FR) where he leads the Gallium research team. His research focuses on programming languages and tools, and on the formal verification of software using program proof and static analysis.

The Royal Society Milner Award is supported by Microsoft Research and is given annually for outstanding achievement in computer science by a European researcher. This prize is named in honour of Robin Milner, a pioneer in computer science and Turing Award winner (1991).

For more information on the award and on other winners, please click here.

Published on 17/03/2017

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