DuoDay initiative takes place on 26 April

In France, 12 million people are affected by disability. 80% of these disabilities are invisible. The causes are diverse and may come from birth, illness, accidents or old age.

DuoDay was created to bring disabled people together with employers, to promote equal employment opportunities and overcome prejudices. The idea is simple: companies, government departments, voluntary organizations and institutions provide opportunities for people with disabilities to shadow volunteers. This year, DuoDay takes place on 26 April and is an opportunity for disabled people and volunteers to make lasting connections.

The DuoDay initiative was launched in France in 2016 but was actually created in Ireland in 2008 under the name JobShadow. It was taken up in Belgium in 2010, and then in many other European countries. DuoDay has now become a truly European programme. In the UK, the project is promoted in Scotland by the Scottish Union of Supported Employment (if you want to participate, go to: http://www.susescotland.co.uk/duoday/)

For more information on the initiative in France, and if you wish to engage, visit: https://www.duoday.fr/"

Published on 17/10/2019

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