EMBO Conference : Genetic Control of Development and Evolution


Paris, September 29th - October 2nd 2015, Institut Pasteur.

The theme of the EMBO Conference was inspired by seminal studies of François Jacob on gene regulation and by his reflection on evolution expressed in a book published in French in 1981: "Le jeu des possibles, essai sur la diversité du vivant" and in English in 1982 “The possible and the actual“, Pantheon Books, in an article entitled: “Evolution and Tinkering” published in Science, 196,1161-1166,1977.

Understanding how organisms evolve and develop in a variety of ecosystems is a major intellectual challenge for humans in general and for experimental biologists in particular. A number of groundbreaking general principles were established following the seminal observations of Darwin and others, yet their molecular foundations remain largely unexplored.

This workshop will gather leading scientists whose work with a variety of organisms including yeast, plants, drosophila, butterflies, fish, mice and humans has unravelled the role of gene regulation networks during development, and the generation of organismal diversity.

Several key questions will be addressed: 1) Are small changes in cis regulatory elements or in the specificity of transcription factors sufficient to drive evolution and generate diversity? 2) What are the roles of synergy and complex regulatory elements? 3) How does epigenetic regulation underwrite these processes? Our focus is not on the detailed transcription machinery itself, but rather its deployment in the generation of diversity. The workshop also includes several talks on the effect of our environment on evolution and adaptation.

The EMBO conference will start on September 29th at 6pm with a keynote talk by David Allis followed by a reception. It will terminate on Friday October 2nd at 6pm.

For further information and registration, click here.

Published on 03/09/2015

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