EPO awards 2 scientists from French institutions at the European Inventor Award Ceremony 2016

On 6th June 2016 in Lisbon, the European Patent Office (EPO) has nominated and awarded 2 scientists from French institutions during the annual ceremony for European Inventor Award.

This price gives credit for impactful inventions from European and international researchers for their contribution in technology, social development and economic growth. By giving this award, Mr Battistelli (President of EPO) and Mr Moedas (European Commissioner for research, science and innovation) wish to emphasize how science and innovation can benefit to society, and to highlight the excellence of French and British science in the international context.

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Prof. Alim-Louis Benabid
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This year, Prof Alim-Louis Benabid (Emeritus at Joseph Fournier University, Grenoble and member of the French Science Academy), neurosurgeon and physicist has been awarded for his research and contribution to develop high frequency deep brain stimulation (DBS) of the subthalamic nucleus with electrical stimulations, a surgical technique that reduces tremors and restores motor function in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Today his discovery is widely used and has allowed to treat at least 150 000 patients suffering from PD.

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Prof. Helen Lee
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The European Inventor award ceremony is also a good time to outreach the society on the cutting edge science and the EPO is also committed to promote technology and innovation to the public. On the occasion the public has its say and is welcomed to nominate and vote for a researcher. On the 6th of June the public chose to award Prof Helen Lee (University of Cambridge and Pasteur Institute). Prof Lee was awarded for her contribution to the discovery and development of a fast, cheap, reliable and self perform diagnostic assay for HIV, Hepatitis B and Chlamydia. The developed test is amenable to developing countries and has already shown success in identifying 40 000 people bearing disease in Africa.

These prices give thus a new breath and hope to patients, but also show how big challenges can still be tackled.

For further information, please click here.

You can also watch video presentations of Prof Benabid and Prof. Lee on EPO Youtube channel here and here.

Published on 13/06/2016

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