ERA-NET for Monitoring & Mitigation of Greenhouse gases from Agri- and Silvi-culture


The French National Research Agency, in partnership with 15 international partner organizations is set to launch a joint call for proposals through the ERA-GAS ERA-NET. This action aims to promote international research on Monitoring and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Agri- and Silvi- culture). The call is open from March 4, 2016.

The aim of the ERA-NET ERA-GAS Cofund is to strengthen the transnational coordination of research programs and provide added value to research and innovation on greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation in the European Research Area. The agricultural sector in Europe faces significant challenges in curbing GHG emissions while maintaining food security and sustainability in a changing climate. Policy proposals requiring a 40% reduction in emissions without a corresponding decrease in primary production pose significant challenges. As a result, incorporation of abatement strategies into tailored sustainable production systems and the implementation of these strategies on the ground are of the upmost importance. In addition, the inclusion of C sinks as an offsetting option, particularly in forestry and agricultural soils, means that Europe-wide verification of sinks and the impact of management on those sinks is vital.

In this context, partner organizations from 15 countries - Denmark, Finland, Germany, Irland, Latvia, Nederland, New-Zeland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turquie, United-Kingdom and France – launch a call for proposals in the frame of ERA-GAS (ERA-NET for Monitoring and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Agri- and Silvi- culture) action, under the ERA-NET Cofund scheme of Horizon 2020 of the European Commission.

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Published on 24/03/2016

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