ERC Consolidator: France and the UK on the podium [fr]

On 17 March 2022, the ERC published the list of 313 winners of the Consolidator 2021 call for a total of €632M in funding. France is in 3rd position behind Germany and the United Kingdom.

313 mid-career researchers were selected in the ERC Consolidator 2021 call on 17 March 2022. They will receive around €2m each "to consolidate their teams and conduct pioneering research on topics and with methods of their choice". 2,652 proposals were received, representing a success rate of 12%. In addition, one third of the selected projects are led by female researchers.

The ERC estimates that this new round of grants will create around 1 900 jobs for post-doctoral and doctoral students in 189 host institutions.

France is in third place with 29 winners at its institutions, behind Germany (61) and the UK (41).


As the Consolidator call is not restricted to citizens of Horizon Europe member or associate states, five US-based researchers and one New Zealand-based researcher were selected and intend to return to Europe with their grant, the ERC said.

CNRS and INSERM in good position

In detail, the French institutions hosting the most laureates are:

  • CNRS: 10 laureates
  • INSERM: 5
  • Sorbonne University: 2
  • Paris-Cite University: 2
  • Claude Bernard Lyon-1 University: 2
  • Sciences Po: 1
  • Institut Pasteur: 1
  • IRD: 1
  • CEA: 1
  • Aix-Marseille University: 1
  • Armines (Mines ParisTech): 1
  • European Centre for Research in Biology and Medicine: 1
  • UNESCO: 1

The case of the United Kingdom

The question of the funding modalities for projects located in the United Kingdom still remains uncertain, due to the ongoing discussions since Brexit around the UK’s association to Horizon Europe. Until its association to Horizon Europe is effective, the UK government is adopting transitional measures to maintain the participation of its nationals in the first Horizon Europe project calls. To find out more about the UK’s future in Horizon Europe and EU funding for research projects involving UK universities, Universities UK and the UK Science and Innovation Network are hosting an open webinar "UK association to Horizon Europe: an update" on Wednesday 30 March 2022 (10-11am GMT). Registration here

Published on 29/03/2022

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