EU mechanism "working well" for Coronavirus - Minister

European Union – COVID-19 – Statement to the press by Mme Agnès Buzyn, Minister for Solidarity and Health, on her arrival at the meeting of European health ministers

Brussels, 13 February 2020

First of all, to begin with, I want to thank the Croatian presidency, which organized this meeting at the request of several European countries including France.

It’s very important to have international coordination in this kind of health crisis. That’s what we’ve started to put in place thanks to the activation of the European [Union] Civil Protection Mechanism. It was also at France’s request that we established this mechanism, which has enabled very many European citizens to be repatriated through mutual assistance between countries, and it’s been working well.

We now need to go further and obviously coordinate on the barrier measures, on the way we deal with the arrival of travellers, the epidemiological research and analysis of cases, and also the way we work on protection stocks – equipment, masks –, and so all this coordination work is absolutely necessary; that’s what we’ve already been doing at the European countries level for two weeks.

But this Council of Ministers was very important to ensure we can speak with one voice, and that’s where the full meaning of political Europe lies. We must be united and coordinated in this crisis. Thank you very much./.

Published on 14/02/2020

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