EUAM Ukraine mandate amended to help investigate and prosecute international crimes

European Union – EUAM Ukraine: Council further amends the mandate to also provide support in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes – Press release issued by the Council of the European Union¹

Luxembourg, 13 April 2022

The Council today adopted a decision amending the mandate of the EU Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine). Under the amended mandate, EUAM Ukraine will also provide support to Ukrainian authorities to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of any international crimes committed in the context of Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine.

EUAM Ukraine will provide Ukrainian authorities with strategic advice and training on related matters. It may also donate funds or equipment to Ukrainian authorities. The mission will ensure close cooperation with the International Criminal Court and with Eurojust, as well as with member states acting in direct support of the investigation and prosecution of international crimes in Ukraine. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine grossly violates international law and is causing massive loss of life and injury to civilians. Russia is directing attacks against the civilian population and is targeting civilian objects, including hospitals, medical facilities, schools and shelters. These war crimes must stop immediately. Those responsible, and their accomplices, will be held to account in accordance with international law.

EUAM Ukraine is a non-executive civilian mission established on 22 July 2014. It began operations on 1 December 2014. Its overall objective is to support Ukraine in developing sustainable, accountable and efficient security services that strengthen the rule of law./.

¹ Source of English text: Council of the EU

Published on 20/04/2022

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