Eligible countries for the PETS scheme

Pets that come from one of these countries and have been resident in any of them for at least 6 months can also enter the UK under the Scheme as long as they meet the necessary rules.

European Countries eligible for PETS:

Andorra Austria Belgium
Cyprus1 Denmark Finland
British Isles France(&Corsica) Germany
Gibraltar Greece Iceland
Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg
Malta Monaco Netherlands
Norway2 Portugal3 San Marino
Spain4 Sweden Switzerland
United Kingdom Vatican

Under PETS, dogs and cats from the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland can, having travelled to any qualifying country, return to the UK as long as they are accompanied by proper official certification.
Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland have each produced their own official PETS certificate.

Long Haul Countries eligible for PETS

Antigua and Barbuda La Reunion
Ascension Island Martinique
Australia Mauritius
Bahrain Mayotte
Barbados Montserrat
Bermuda New Caledonia
Canada New Zealand
Cayman Islands Singapore
Falkland Islands St Helena
Fiji St Kitts & Nevis
French Polynesia St Vincent
Guadeloupe USA
Hawaii Vanuatu
Jamaica Wallis and Futuna

1 Cyprus - there are special requirements for all pets travelling from Cyprus.
2 Norway excludes Svalbard.
3 Portugal includes the Azores and Madeira.
4 Spain includes the Canary Islands, but excludes Ceuta and Melilla.

There is a slightly different procedure for bringing pets to the UK from the DOM and the TOM (excluding Guyane and St Pierre et Miquelon).

Published on 07/11/2012

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