Fondation Plan Alzheimer Call 2015: Proof of concept and translational project grants


In 2015, the Fondation Plan Alzheimer is launching a call for proposals to support the emergence of innovative and high risk / high pay off basic research projects in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Any French research group can apply to this call.

The total amount dedicated by the Fondation Plan Alzheimer to this call is 1 000 000 € maximum.

Under this fund, up to 10 projects will be supported if they are deemed of a sufficiently high scientific quality.

Any type of project supporting basic research will be considered (including biochemistry, experimental models, systems biology, proof-of-concept for novel therapeutic approaches…). The duration of the projects should not exceed 24 months. Each project must be coordinated by one principal investigator (PI) working in a French research unit from a public institution that will receive the funds.If justified, any collaboration can be developed and will have to be managed and funded directly by the PI’s institution, by subcontracting. Up to 30% of the budget can be dedicated to the support of translational research, to enable the involvement of a clinical team, explicitly identified in the project.

The fund can support any type of expense including salaries, according to a predefined budget to be submitted with the application.

Teams interested in answering the call must submit a letter of intent before 23:59 on 24th June 2015 in English (see the application form for details).

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Published on 06/07/2015

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