Four researchers awarded 2016 CNRS Medal for Innovation


French research institution CNRS awarded Marin Dacos, Thierry Heidmann, Cathie Vix-Guterl and Ali Zolghadri for their outstanding research leading to crucial innovations.

  • Marin Dacos, 44, is a computing expert with a background in history. He leads the CLEO (Centre pour l’édition électronique – Centre for digital publication). He is a pioneer in open access edition, and a leading digital humanities advocate.
  • Thierry Heidmann, 61, is specializing in endogenous and infectious retroviruses. He contributed to the development of new therapeutic strategies and the creation of 6 patents. He leads a unit at the Gustave Roussy Institute.
  • Cathie Vix-Guterl, 50, is a chemist and leads the Materials Science Institute in Mulhouse, as well as the Mica Carnot Institute. She works on the controlled synthesis of new materials, and is an expert in carbonaceous materials, ceramics and hybrids.
  • Ali Zolghadri, 53, is an automation specialist who is renowned worldwide for his expertise on the complex dynamical systems theory. His work led to the development of innovative diagnosis and monitoring methodologies, especially in the aeronautics and space area, and to the creation of 14 patents.

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Published on 30/06/2016

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