France among six countries backing Libya peace moves

Libya – Joint statement by France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States¹

Paris, 1 July 2015

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States express our deep concern about the ongoing violence within Libya and the expansion of terrorism in Libya. We recognize that the Libyan people want peace and stability.

We welcome the recent round of talks of the UN political dialogue in Skhirat, Morocco. We reiterate our full support to the UN SRSG, Bernardino Léon. We urge all Libyan parties to sign in the coming days the political agreement presented by the UN. We consider this document a thoughtful, well-balanced basis for agreement that meets the urgent expectations of Libyan people and secures the unity of Libya. We reiterate that there is no military solution to this crisis and we underline that the economic and humanitarian situation is worsening every day. We stand ready to support the implementation of this agreement in order to help ensure that a Government of National Accord and all the new institutions function effectively.

We welcome the peace initiatives developing in parts of Libya, particularly in the west, including local-level ceasefires, prisoner exchanges and the return of internally displaced persons. These are important developments and a powerful example of the determination of the Libyan people to find peaceful solutions to the ongoing insecurity. Alongside the UN process, these initiatives need the support of all Libyans throughout that country. We strongly condemn all attempts to undermine the UN process or local peace initiatives, in particular through the threat of violence.

We call on all Libyan decision-makers to show in this crucial moment responsibility, leadership and courage. The international community stands ready to provide significant humanitarian, economic and security assistance to a united Libya as soon as the new government is agreed. Equally, the international community stands ready to hold accountable through sanctions those who threaten Libya’s peace, stability and security./.

¹Source of English text: British government website.

Published on 10/07/2015

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