France and Argentina want to begin "new stage" in relations

Argentina/state dinner – Toast by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic (excerpts)

Buenos Aires, 24 February 2016


Three of my predecessors visited: Charles de Gaulle, François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac. They all, in a way, had the same feeling: that here in Argentina they were on familiar ground. It must be said that the Teatro Colón has something of the Paris Opera about it, and the Plaza Francia in Buenos Aires brings together two Mariannes – the Argentine Marianne and the French Marianne – to carry the flame of liberty together. (…)

Today, my visit reflects not only your bicentenary but also your [recent] accession to the presidency of Argentina. Together we want to begin a new stage in our relationship. I’m here with many business leaders, who have all welcomed the new course you’ve set and the reforms you’ve embarked on. Mr President, together we’ve set out a road map that will enable us to develop partnerships in many areas: energy, space, aerospace and new technologies.

You’ve also wanted – and I thank you for it – to be fully engaged in the result of COP21, to which you contributed as soon as you were elected. What I want to promise you here is to support you as far as possible, facilitate relations between Argentina and the international financial community, back your accession to the OECD and also ensure we can step up investments.

We also have a desire to increase cultural, scientific and academic exchanges, and we’ve signed agreements between our higher education establishments, our research establishments. You’re the country that welcomes the highest number of French scientists, and we’re proud to be your main partner in this field. (…)./.

Published on 05/07/2016

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