France considering "Green New Deal", says Minister

Climate – Reply by M. Nicolas Hulot, Ministre d’Etat, Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, to a question to the government in the National Assembly

Paris, 31 October 2017

Question on the fight against global warming

Indeed, it’s not won! We won’t be able to say we didn’t know. As broadly well-informed spectators, we’re witnessing our own tragedy unfold. We’re entering a critical phase. We’re all taking on our share of responsibility and facing up to a single choice: resignation or ambition. Resignation means always reducing things to the lowest common denominator. Ambition means trying to push upwards, and I call on everyone to shoulder their responsibilities. In fact, the window for preventing things from being irreversible is increasingly narrow.

On Monday – as you said – COP23 opens in Bonn, organized by Fiji, which is threatened, like all island states, by the rising waters. Last week I went to express our solidarity with them, but instead of affirming it I’d rather we could demonstrate it together.

Indeed, the only way of engaging other countries to follow in our footsteps and show more ambition to join the path imposed on us by science is to set an example. France has begun doing so, but we must go much further. In this spirit of mobilization, and because – as you said – we must do more, particularly to assert our solidarity, I’ve decided to think about preparing what’s called a “Green New Deal”, i.e. a pact for a new economic model. France has all the necessary skills. I’ll be mobilizing the sectors of transport, construction, manufacturing, renewable energy and finance to present, in 2018, an action plan that will definitively combine the economy and ecology./.

Published on 27/11/2017

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