France mobilizes to welcome Guinean refugee

Greece – France mobilizes in support of Amadou Diallo, a young Guinean refugee in Greece admitted to Sciences Po, Paris – Joint communiqué issued by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Minister Delegate for Citizenship, attached to the Minister of the Interior

Paris, 22 July 2020

Amadou Diallo, a young man of Guinean nationality, lost his parents and fled his country, where he was being persecuted. He has just been granted asylum in Greece, where he arrived in 2016. A brilliant student aged 20, he obtained his baccalaureate at the Lycée Franco-Hellénique in Athens and was admitted to the Paris Institute of Political Studies [Sciences Po].

Since June, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior have been working hard in liaison with the Greek authorities, at the French President’s request, to enable this talented young man to be welcomed to France so that he may continue his learning in that higher education institution.

Our staff in Greece are mobilized to ensure that his visa application, which should be lodged very soon, is processed as quickly as possible and that Mr Diallo can swiftly receive a residence permit.

We thank the Greek authorities for the cooperation they are showing to allow Mr Diallo to settle in France./.

Published on 24/07/2020

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