EU countries back Venezuelan opposition leader

Venezuela – Joint declaration

Paris, 4 February 2019

On 26 January, various member states urged Mr Nicolás Maduro to take the necessary legal steps for democratic presidential elections to be announced within eight days. On that same day, the EU High Representative/Vice-President issued a statement on behalf of the 28 EU member states, also calling for the urgent holding of free, transparent and credible presidential elections and indicating that, in the absence of an announcement on the organization of fresh elections with the necessary guarantees over the next days, the EU would take further actions, including on the issue of recognition of the country’s leadership, in line with Article 233 of the Venezuelan constitution.

France, along with Spain, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and Croatia, takes note that Mr Nicolás Maduro has chosen not to set in motion the electoral process. Subsequently, and in accordance with the provisions of the Venezuelan Constitution, they acknowledge and support Mr Juan Guaidó, President of the democratically elected National Assembly, as President ad interim of Venezuela, in order for him to call for free, fair and democratic presidential elections./.

Venezuela – Press briefing by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson (excerpt)

Paris, 30 January 2019


Q. – President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela said he’s only ready to hold early legislative elections. Might this proposal be an end to the crisis, or are you also asking for an early presidential election to be called between now and Saturday?

THE SPOKESPERSON – The Venezuelan National Assembly was elected democratically in the legislative elections of December 2015, and its term should end in 2021.

Nicolás Maduro, on the other hand, is demanding a second presidential term based on the presidential election of 20 May 2018, whose results cannot be considered legitimate.

Far from helping to resolve the crisis, calling for early legislative elections would represent a new obstacle to a political solution to the current crisis. We reiterate our support for the National Assembly and urge respect for its prerogatives and its members’ rights, especially their constitutional immunity. (…)./.

Published on 09/01/2020

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