France wants to increase resources to fight terrorist financing

Fight against terrorist financing – Reply by M. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, to a question to the government in the National Assembly

Paris, 31 October 2017

Question on the future of the Lafarge Group

Nationalizing Lafarge isn’t going to answer the charges of terrorist financing levelled against the group.

The truth will provide the answer, and the truth will be established by the court, to which the matter has been referred and which will therefore issue its conclusions.

And I want to say to you that we won’t accept any uncertainty, doubt or weakness as regards the risk of seeing French or foreign companies directly or indirectly financing terrorist activities.

We know there are weaknesses in the fight against terrorist financing. The President and I have therefore decided to step up this fight.

We want to transform the Financial Action Task Force into a genuine, strong international grouping, headed by a political figure who can adopt all the necessary measures, including immediate sanctions, so that all those who may have a financial link to terrorism are firmly punished without delay.

We’ll also put forward proposals next year, in 2018, in the G20 framework, to increase the resources for fighting terrorist financing.

Let me assure you that the President, Prime Minister, Interior Minister and I are totally determined, on the economic and financial fronts, not to allow any group, financial entity, industry or company to have the slightest financial link with those who threaten our lives, our compatriots’ lives and the life of our nation./.

Published on 03/11/2017

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