France welcomes EU move to ratify climate agreement

Climate/COP21 – Paris Agreement – Communiqué issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs

Paris, 10 June 2016

Today, 10 June, the European Commission in Brussels presented a proposal for the ratification of the Paris Agreement by the European Union.

Ségolène Royal welcomes this decision – which comes just a few days after a meeting between the COP21 President and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission – to speed up the European Union’s ratification of the Paris Agreement, and [she also welcomes] the French Parliament’s adoption of the bill to ratify the agreement.

“This decision enables Europe to keep setting the example and maintain its leadership, and I’m convinced that the Parliament, Council and member states will complete their ratification procedures without delay,” said Ségolène Royal.

“The draft decision on the European Union’s ratification of the Paris Agreement will be presented to the European Council of Environment Ministers on 20 June and will then be examined by the European Parliament and by the European Union’s Council of Ministers on 28 June, with a view to its adoption between now and COP22, to be held in Marrakesh in November,” the COP21 President added.

In the coming months, the Commission intends to propose targets to the member states aimed at reducing emissions in sectors which are not part of the Emissions Trading System, such as transport, agriculture and construction.

The proposals the European Commission will submit this summer, together with the revision of the Emissions Trading System, will enable us to meet the EU’s other commitments under the Paris Agreement, and they are an integral part of Europe’s ambitious climate change policy.

The Commission’s proposal on the ratification of the Paris Agreement on behalf of the European Union is currently subject to the approval of the European Parliament and the Council. It takes the form of a Council decision. The European Parliament’s approval is required before the Council adopts the decision. When the decision has been approved, the Council will appoint the person or persons who, on the European Union’s behalf, will present the ratification instrument to the United Nations Secretary-General.

Concurrently, the European Union member states will have to ratify the Paris Agreement individually, in line with their national parliamentary procedures.

The Paris Agreement will come into force provided it is ratified by 55 countries accounting for at least 55% of global emissions./.

Published on 09/05/2017

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