Franco-British Symposium on Intelligent Transport Systems [fr]

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London, The Residence of France, 4th-5th October 2016



France and the UK are leaders in the growing field of Intelligent Transport Systems, an industry that experiences 11.57 % annual growth between 2015 and 2020, and is worth 23.44 bn£ (€9.81 Mds€) by 2020, hence making important contributions at every stage of the industry (basic research such as design of algorithm; development such as proof of concept of driverless car; and innovation/commercialisation such as e-ticketing, intelligent parking systems). They also drive their aspiration to structure this rapidly growing industry, and more importantly, to secure investment, to materialise research into innovation and commercialisation.

These two days are intended to bring together French and British stakeholders from academia, industry and government to showcase their activities, to stimulate discussion on the existing challenges for the transport sector and the changes that will occur in our society, to reflect on the issues around innovation, strategies, basic research and benefits for the society as the need to find sustainable solutions to the transport issues in large cities becomes mandatory.

There are numerous opportunities to seed success through collaborations between French and British partners within the European research area and context. With the increased focus on transport systems, especially in both countries, it is a time not to be missed to join forces and reinforce collaborations and business adventures to become if not to remain the key actors in this growing environment.


  • Bring together stakeholders within the ITS industry in both public and private sectors from France and the UK.
  • Learn about the research, technology translation and industrial challenges in both countries.
  • Share views about discovery/innovation to be made.
  • Identify synergies and explore the possibilities of bilateral cooperation with a view to creating Franco‐British leadership in bidding for European projects.
  • Seed industrial partnership to fasten innovation, hence bringing the state of the art of ITS for society benefit.


Session 1: State Strategy and ITS

Session 2: Society and ITS

Session 3: Robotics and ITS

  • Coordination of Mobile Robots, Prof Arnaud de la Fortelle, Centres for Robotics, Mines ParisTech.
  • Agricultural Robot: Intelligent Spray, Dr Charles Cox, IBEX Automation.
  • RAS Technologies at Surrey for Future Intelligent Transport, Prof Yang Gao, STAR-Lab, Surrey Space Centre.
  • Robotics: Learning from Nature how to Land Aerial Robots, Dr Mirko Kovac, Aerial Robotics Lab, Imperial College London.

Innovation at the transport-IT Interface: Role of State and City, Dr Tim Schwanen, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford.

Session 4: Infrastructure and ITS

Session 5: Computer Science and ITS

Session 6: Vehicle and ITS

For further information on this event, please contact Dr Ludovic Drouin: ludovic.drouin[at]

Published on 25/10/2016

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