Franco-British Workshop ’Digital Government: Next Steps & Potential Futures’

The Science and Technology Department from the French Embassy hosted on 26th May 2016 at the Residence of France a bilateral scientific workshop on the next steps and potential futures of digital government. It was organised in partnership with Nesta and French Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity.

The aim of the event was to bring together a panel of professionals from diverse backgrounds (academics, public servants, etc.) and expertise (open data, cybersecurity, blockchain, etc.) to share their experience and thoughts on the future of our digital governments with a Franco-British perspective.

After opening keynotes delivered by high level representatives, the day was organised around 3 sessions dealing with the future of digital democracy and public services.

Download the agenda


Download the report of the event

PDF - 208 kb
FR-UK Workshop Digital Government - Final Report
(PDF - 208 kb)

Download the keynotes slides

Published on 26/09/2016

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