French Embassy in London helping fight climate change

French Embassy in London helping fight climate change


France’s efforts to combat global warming did not end with the Paris Agreement of December 2015. Since then, it has been working to ensure that the 175 countries which signed the agreement honour their commitments.

But France is also making its own efforts to reduce its carbon footprint at home and abroad, including at its many diplomatic posts around the world.

Since 2015, the French Embassy in London and its sister institutions (the Consulate and the Institut français) have been taking steps to lessen their environmental impact.

In particular, the Embassy has switched to green electricity by using Ecotricity as its sole provider. In 2016 the company trained 22 staff members on how to promote sustainable practices.

An environmental charter sets out what staff can do to save energy in terms of transport, heating, electricity and water, and to recycle paper and other materials.

Green Embassy competition

Thanks to all these efforts, the Embassy is in the running for a prize rewarding the best environmental project at a French diplomatic post abroad.

The Green Embassy competition, organized by the Foreign Ministry, will award €30,000 to the embassy voted top out of 22 around the world, with another project receiving €20,000.

The two winners’ prize money will go towards projects to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Others hoping to win include French embassies on every continent. They range from the US, China and Germany to Namibia, Peru and Cambodia.

If the Embassy in London wins the prize, it plans to switch from gas to electricity to heat its water, and install solar panels at the Ambassador’s Residence.

For more information on the Embassy’s plan of action, read this article.

Published on 24/05/2017

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