French president holds defence and security meeting

Fight against terrorism – Select Defence and National Security Council – Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, 19 October 2016

The French President today held a meeting of the Defence and National Security Council.

The Council looked at the recent results of measures taken to prevent terrorist actions in France, particularly in terms of coordinating the judicial monitoring of individuals who try to return to the country after fighting for or supporting Daesh [so-called ISIL] on the ground.

The Council also focused on the situation in Syria, particularly Aleppo. The truce announced in the indiscriminate bombing must genuinely be followed up with action over the long term. Civilians’ access to humanitarian aid depends on it.

Finally, the Council returned to the first phases of the operation to recapture Mosul. This is a long-term military action. France intends to begin preparing now for the period which will open up afterwards. This is the purpose of the international meetings that will be organized in Paris on 20 October by the Foreign Minister and on 25 October by the Defence Minister./.

Published on 06/11/2017

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