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Do French people really eat frogs and snails?

Yes! Frogs’ legs are a delicacy much appreciated by French gourmets. And snails are eaten all over Europe, including in the UK. Unfortunately, neither snails nor frogs’ legs are very filling!

Many French words are used in English, just as lots of English words are used in French:

rendezvous: a meeting, especially a romantic one!
café: a coffee bar or a small, inexpensive restaurant.
gourmet: a lover of fine food.

Can you think of any others?

Transparent words and words which look alike:

un menu; un chef; un biscuit; un restaurant; une question; important; un monument

un béret/beret; une rivière/river; une capitale/capital; la musique/music; embarrassant/embarrassing; un avantage/advantage; stupide/stupid; une princesse/princess

Here are some more – can you guess what they are in English?

une lampe; un pull-over; un pyjama; un jean

Discover the Funniest French Expressions!

French expression = literal incorrect translation
An English equivalent

Filer à l’anglaise = To spin in the English way
To take French leave

Nous ne sommes pas sortis de l’auberge = We are not out of the inn
We are not out of the woods

Avoir le cafard= to have the cockroach
To have the blues

Casser la croûte = to break the crust
To have a bite

Appuyer sur le champignon = to press on the mushroom
To accelerate

Aller au petit coin = to go to the little corner
To go to the loo

C’est du tout cuit = it is all cooked
It’s in the bag

Un froid de canard = a cold of duck
Perishing weather

Pas folle la guêpe ! = Not crazy the wasp!
I’m/You’re/He’s/She’s no fool

La fin des haricots= The end of the beans
The last straw

Rire jaune = To laugh yellow
To give a hollow laugh

Etre marteau = To be hammer
To be crazy

Broyer du noir = To crush black
To be depressed

Ça ne mange pas de pain = It doesn’t eat bread
It is not important

Une poule mouillée = A wet chicken
A coward

Donner sa langue au chat = To give the cat one’s tongue
To give up

Passer un savon = To pass a soap
To tear a strip off someone

Se mettre sur son trente et un = To put oneself on one’s thirty one
To dress up in one’s finest clothes

En voiture Simone = In the car Simone!
Go ahead!

Published on 15/10/2007

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