Gender and Comparative Politics

Thursday 7 February 2019, from 9:30am
Venue: King’s College London, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Stamford St, London SE1 9NH.
Free. For further information, please contact Dr Isabelle Hertner at: +44 (0)74 508 507 90.
In partnership with King’s College London
As part of The Borders of Identity cycle of events

Convened by Dr Isabelle Hertner (Department of European and International Studies) and Dr Elizabeth Ralph-Morrow (Department of Political Economy)

Women are under-represented in politics across the world. Despite the introduction of gender quota and other measures of positive discrimination, women remain a minority inside political parties, parliaments, and governments. In particular, parties and social movements on the radical right side of the political spectrum are dominated by men. Many radical right parties and movements perceive ‘traditional’ notions of masculinity to be under threat from feminism.
In this one-day work workshop, we will give King’s researchers and a number of invited guests the opportunity to present their research on gender in the area of comparative politics. The aim is to bring together a small, friendly, but critical and constructive group of experts who will comment on each other’s work in progress, such as papers and grant proposals. In addition to the academic panels, we will organise a roundtable on women and political science.

Please have a look at the full programme here:

PDF - 302.4 kb
Gender and Comparative Politics programme
(PDF - 302.4 kb)

The workshop takes place at King’s College London in Franklin-Wilkins Building, room 2.41, Stamford St, London SE1 9NH.

In partnership with King’s College London as part of The Borders of Identity cycle of events.


Published on 26/04/2019

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