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In 2018, almost 10 years after having been interrupted, the Hubert Curien Program (PHC) Alliance between France and the UK was resumed, to encourage research mobility between both countries. The annual calls for proposals are relayed by Campus France.

Furthermore, in order to foster cooperation between France and the UK in all fields related to higher education, research and innovation, the Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department (sESRI) has established pluriannual strategic partnerships with eminent British institutions.


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Research mobility

A historic partnership with Churchill College, University of Cambridge has existed for more than 40 years. Each year, several French senior researchers on sabbatical go to the College for 6 to 11 months. Churchill College, certified in 1960, is particularly dedicated to sciences, technology and engineering.

Training and skills building

Following former agreements between sESRI and Culham Centre for Fusion on the one hand, and EFDA-Jet in charge of the management of Tokamak Jet on the other hand, a partnership has more recently been implemented with EUROfusion, to welcome and train graduate students from French universities or "grandes écoles" in nuclear fusion technologies. The objective is to favour skill transfer towards the ITER site.

In 2017, a partnership between sESRI and EMBL-EBI was signed to welcome and train in life sciences data and climate change graduate interns coming from French universities or "grandes écoles". The goal is to encourage skills transfer and to improve the use of big data in both sectors.

Strengthening Franco-British bilateral collaborations

For a decade now, sESRI has been establishing pluriannual agreements with several British academic partners, aimed at encouraging the creation of research workshops, brainstorming sessions and, moving forward, of research networks that qualify for international funding schemes. Agreements can vary depending on the partners:

  • University College London: research seminars, research workshops, PHD students strategy meetings, bilateral conferences open to the public and covering all disciplines in STEM, arts, humanities and social sciences ;
  • Sheffield: research workshops in arts, humanities and social sciences;
  • King’s College London : research workshops and bilateral conferences open to the public and covering all the scientific disciplines offered by KCL.

Moreover sESRI regularly organizes events and public conferences with British partners (Imperial College, the Universities of Edimbourg, Glasgow and St Andrews, the University of York) to enhance the visibility of French academics and their works for UK audiences. See our section « Events ».

Published on 21/03/2019

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